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What started as curiosity for the sake of helping my aging parents turned into genuine interest in making Elder Law my principal area of practice. I attended a few seminars, took several courses in Estate Planning, and eventually earned an advanced degree in Elder Law. Having lost both of my parents in that time, I feel even more passionate about helping people and their loved ones navigate the difficult decisions involved in aging and dying.

I understand that there are a lot of options for estate planning these days—what I provide is more than just document preparation. I'm committed to understanding what you need and want. I can help alert you to areas of concern. I can advise you about different options you might have. I can help you get a plan in place for the benefit of your surviving loved ones. I want to guide individuals through times of stress and grief with clarity and ease.

I want to help my clients get their legal affairs in order, or handle the affairs of a loved one, without having to spend unknown amounts on an attorney. As a Participant in the Justice Entrepreneurs Project, I am committed to providing legal services for affordable flat fees. Through a consultation, I learn the necessary details to offer clients a range of costs and services. I can help with just part of the process, to keep costs low, or I can offer comprehensive assistance so that you can focus on other things. Should any unexpected changes arise, I proactively communicate these issues with my clients so they understand the necessary steps to help them achieve their wishes and if that will impact their overall cost. If preferred, we can work out flexible payment arrangements, such as a payment plan, so that you can spread any cost over time.

I want to help my clients avoid the need for litigation. Litigation adds expense. More importantly, in elder law the parties involved are related and/or already have a relationship aside from the legal matter. These relationships can become strained when litigation arises. I want to help preserve and protect these relationships. I advise clients on how to have conversations with the people involved in their aging and estate plans, and I recommend family meetings or mediation as appropriate. Communication can help to mitigate a lot of conflict and disagreement. I value transparency and honesty.

In honor of my parents and their concern for the environment, I am making sustainable choices wherever possible in running my law practice. My business cards are made of recycled paper. My website is hosted on carbon neutral servers. I opened my business checking account with a fossil-free certified - 1% for the Planet - Certified B Corporation Pending financial institution. I'm also on the lookout for sustainable resources in areas that affect my clients, such as sustainable funeral practices.

I am a graduate of Stetson University College of Law, earning an LL.M. in Elder Law. I earned my J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and my B.A. from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I volunteer with the Center for Disability and Elder Law in Chicago and with the Ebenezer Church Gospel Justice Center in Berwyn. I have completed the 40-Hour Mediation Skills Training at the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago. I also completed an additional 2-Day training specific to the area of Elder Law.

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